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Parting With The Penny

Soon to be a relic like the $2 bill

It’s been on the chopping block for years but now it’s official. The penny is getting the axe! Come fall, the penny will no longer be minted and the ones in circulation will slowly be corralled and destroyed.

I’ve been dreading this day for some time now. That may seem extreme but eliminating the penny means the rounding up of prices, certainly not the opposite. It means $20 instead of $19.97 and in my experience, that couple of cents can add up over time and make for real savings.

I was lamenting about this penny business to my mom and she told me that when she was travelling though Europe many years ago, a number of countries had gotten rid of their one-cent coins. When an odd number came up at the checkout counter, vendors would dole out candy as a consolation prize. That gives penny candy a whole new meaning. Well you know what, Canadian Conservative government? If you’re even thinking of that silliness, you can keep your Tic Tacs! I want my one-cent and I want it now!

Inflation shminflation! The penny still has value as far as I can see. One cent’s worth, in fact! There may be people out there who don’t care about their pennies but what about those of us who do? What about those of us who pay for our coffees with the change lingering in our pockets? What about those of us who save our pennies and find that with the accumulated coins we’re able to actually purchase something? What about those of us who slip our pennies into slot boxes for charities at the grocery store or Tim Horton’s?

If the penny is more expensive to produce than it’s worth, why not mint something cheaper? Is killing the penny altogether really the only option? I guess it’s a good thing the new $50 and $100 bills are looking fancy, we’ll probably be shelling out more of them now. I’d like to see some data about how a penniless nation spends more over time.

Another irksome budget item is the cut to funding for the CBC. It’s a wonder the public broadcaster hasn’t been done away with like the penny. I can’t say I’m surprised. Chances are that if it revolves around creativity of any kind, the Tories want little to nothing to do with it. As the creative minds in this country multiply, funding for creative initiatives is reduced. It’s high time for a change, we’ve been putting up with this nonsense since 2006! Oh wait, Stephen Harper’s a bona fide musician isn’t he? He belts out Beatles songs given any chance. How dare I contest that the Conservatives have fuzzy feelings about art?

To conclude today’s short rant, I will leave you with some classic sayings and one song that will be meaningless to our future generations thanks to today’s sad news:

“A penny saved is a penny earned”

“Penny candy”

“That cost a pretty penny”

“In for a penny, in for a pound”

“Find a penny, pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck”

“A penny for your thoughts?”